There are no verbs matching the criteria in our database.

Parse the verb and enter the answer as described below or using the buttons. Press return. If your answer was correct and there are multiple possible parsings, an extra input field will appear. After the first incorrect answer or after entering all possible answers, you can continue to the next verb by pressing return once more.

Stems: either use the full name or a significant beginning (i.e. Q for Qal and N, Pi, Pu, Hit, Hip, and Hop for the derived stems).
Tenses: use the abbreviations pf, ipf, coh, imp, jus, infcs, infabs, ptc and ptcp.
Person: 1, 2, 3 or none (infinitives and participles).
Gender: m, f, c or none (infinitives).
Number: s, p or none (infinitives).

Examples: Q pf 3ms, ni ptc fp, pi infabs.

  • The ptcp option is only for the passive participle of the qal. All other participles should be entered with ptc (including participles of the passive stems).


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